Mr. Byungura Jean Claude


Mr. Byungura Jean Claude
Assistant Lecturer

Hi, I’m Jean Claude Byungura, a Rwandan by nationality. I’m currently doing my PhD in the area of ICT in Education from Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. Not only I use SciPro at the university here in Sweden for my research activities with my supervisors, I’m also fully involved in the implementation of this system in my home university.

SciPro can address a number of challenges in my home country’s higher education systems (Public and Private) when it comes to research supervision process including but not limited to student-teacher collaboration, access to e-resources, communication, plagiarism detection, administration, evaluation and monitoring.

For a successful implementation and positive change in our home universities, there is a need to contextualize SciPro System in order to meet local needs related to research management. Hence, I think that a needs assessment is paramount before any further implementation step.